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Announcement: The battle flag carried by the Kentucky militia during the War of 1812 is now available for purchase through the Kentucky Chapter of the U.S. Daughters of 1812 by contacting Jessianne H. Wells. Kentucky military historians, Historical Societies & Museums, War of 1812 re-enactors, genealogists who can trace their lineage to Kentucky militiamen, or indeed anyone interested in Kentucky's contribution to this important period of American history will be proud to fly this faithful reproduction of an extraordinary Kentucky battle flag. Download flyer here (227K PDF).

The 8" x 12" 1812 Kentucky battle flags will be available for the first time online. This miniature version of the 1812 Kentucky militia flag is mounted on a wooden shaft with gold finial (overall length 25"). These flags are intended for use to commemorate Kentucky veteran's graves, but are also suitable for parades and other War of 1812 events.

October 2013: Historic Archaeological Research has relocated to Jackson County, Indiana. The new office address is
418 N. Main Street, Brownstown, IN 47220. (812) 919-4122

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2014 Cemetery Research

HAR provides technical assistance in identifying the presence and location of unmarked graves using state-of-the-art electronic subsurface imaging technologies. We also offer precision survey and graphic illustration of site surface features to augment existing cemetery data. Accurate site maps are another very important and essential facet of cemetery research and documentation. HAR has been involved in more than 120 cemetery projects since adding these services in 2000. During 2013, we will continue working with township trustees and cemetery commissions throughout Indiana and neighboring states.

HAR Cemetery Research and Survey

Need an accurate site map or to know more about vacant areas in a cemetery? Contact HAR.

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